Ryan Reynolds Marks One Year until DEADPOOL by Teasing the Character’s Mask

     February 12, 2015


I suppose if you keep faith alive long enough when it comes to movies, your patience might be rewarded.  I still can’t believe Deadpool is going forward, but star Ryan Reynolds has tweeted a photo to remind us all that the film is real.  It has costumes and everything, and it’s exactly one year away from hitting screens (assuming Fox doesn’t pull the plug at the last minute, move the release date, etc).  2016 is going to have plenty of superhero movies, but Deadpool has the chance to easily stand apart in tone (breaking the fourth wall), design (not a team movie), and placement (it’s the start of a potential franchise).

Check out the photo below, and click here and here for our recent interviews with Reynolds about the film.  Deadpool opens February 12, 2016; filming is set to being in March in Vancouver.

Via Ryan Reynolds.



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