‘Deadpool’: Check Out the Excellent VFX Work in a Behind-the-Scenes Featurette

     March 15, 2016


Believe it or not, Ryan Reynolds does not possess a superhuman healing factor in real life, as far as we know. So it follows that his incredible action sequences in Deadpool had to be done via a combination of practical effects and computer-generated wizardry. Filling in one portion of the amazing VFX work on this film was the special effects company Atomic Fiction, whose latest work is now on display both in the theatrical release of Deadpool and in a newly released behind-the-scenes featurette.

This new video peels back the layers of the crazy highway action sequence from beginning to end. Atomic Fiction shows how they mapped out the multi-layered background of the cityscape, literally dropped Deadpool into the high-speed action, and just how the Marvel mutant managed to survive his epic street battle. It’s a not-to-be-missed behind-the-scenes look for fans of the film, and relatively spoiler free for those of you who haven’t checked out Deadpool yet.

Watch the VFX highlight reel from Atomic Fiction below (via PopOptiq):

“Deadpool” Visual Effects Breakdown from Atomic Fiction on Vimeo.

“Deadpool” marks the beginning of a new era for superhero films, and one sequence in particular was key to setting the tone. This is an in-depth VFX breakdown reel showcasing the behind-the-scenes efforts by the Atomic Fiction team. The work involved creating computer generated characters, vehicles, and an entire urban environment, for the thrilling car chase that kicks off this new franchise!

Special thanks to Tim Miller, Jonathan Rothbart, our friends at Blur, and 20th Century Fox for the opportunity to contribute to these sequences.


Music Credit: Deadpool (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Like Atomic Fiction mentions in their video description, Blur Studios is director Tim Miller’s VFX company based in Los Angeles. Steve had a chance to sit down with Miller and Blur’s creative director Dave Wilson to talk about the studio’s work on Deadpool.


Image via 20th Century Fox

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