Dean Devlin – Exclusive Video Interview

     May 11, 2007

I attended the 2007 Saturn Awards last night and got to interview a ton of people. Between today and tomorrow I’ll be posting a ton of video interviews so make sure to check back.

This interview is with Dean Devlin – the producer of “Stargate”, “Independence Day” and “Flyboys.”

While the interview was quite short he talked about the “Stargate” movie franchise. He said the straight to DVD movies that are coming (2 of them are coming) are taking precedence over any movie for the big screen.

He said “Stargate” was the first part of a proposed trilogy and he would love to make parts 2 and 3.

The interview is under 3 minutes if you’d like to watch. And the voices you hear are other people asking questions. The red carpet is a crazy place to try and cover…

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