FUNimation’s March Anime Titles Include Three Live-Action ‘Death Note’ Movies

     March 31, 2019

death-note-movies-blurayThis month, FUNimation is offering up some live-action adaptations of the incredible manga/anime series, Death Note. These include the original 2006 feature and its sequel, released in the same years as the anime series itself, as well as the less stellar 2016 sequel that picked things up a decade later, but missed the mark a bit. (All three of these movies are still better than the bad decision that was the 2017 Westernized remake.)

Additionally, this month gives us new installments of Black Clover, Overlord, Dragon Ball Super, and a One Piece TV special. Check out our latest reviews below.

For the uninitiated, FUNimation is a U.S. company known for their dubs and domestic distribution of Japanese anime. So all of the reviews you’re about to check out are for the dub version of each anime, though some Blu-rays/DVDs have a Japanese audio option as there are some exceptions to the rule. Below, you’ll find the official synopsis for each movie and series, along with a link to pick up your own copy at FUNimation’s online store, should my review convince you. Sometimes, it’ll be an easy thing to suggest you buy it, other times, it’ll be just as easy to go in the other direction.


Image via FUNimation

Check out my rundown of FUNimation’s home video selections from this winter season, and be sure to take a look at their 2018 summer selections, fall favorites, and winter titles as well. Plus, 2019 is starting off strong with these early (and rather randy) selections in both January and February. You might just find a favorite you overlooked or a new addition to your catalog you might have missed.

Some programming notes: Another big title, the My Hero Academia movie, also popped up on FUNimation this month in a combo release, featuring an exclusive interview with the English-language cast. I didn’t include it in the round-up since it deserved its own article, so click here for my My Hero Academia: Two Heroes Blu-ray review.

Unfortunately, Twin Star Exorcists is no longer a part of FUNimation’s collection due to their partnership with Crunchyroll coming to an end. So if you’re looking for episodes to stream on their service or purchase from their shop, you’re out of luck. Sorry!