‘Death Stranding’ Trailer: Guillermo del Toro Is Now a Video Game Character

     December 2, 2016


Last night at The Game Awards, Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima revealed the trailer for his new video game, Death Stranding. While the trailer didn’t offer any details on gameplay or story, it did feature two surprising cameos: filmmaker Guillermo del Toro and actor Mads Mikkelsen.

For those who don’t know, del Toro and Kojima previously collaborated on the games P.T. and the canceled Silent Hills, so it’s cool that Kojima has given del Toro such a prominent role in this new trailer. It’s also neat to see Mads Mikkelsen pop up, but we don’t know how large his role will be. Additionally, the last trailer we saw for Death Stranding showcased The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus.

But because these trailers are so drenched in mystery, they don’t really tell us anything about the game itself. I understand that Death Stranding is still in development and that since its release is still years away, it would be nice to have at least a few details on what Kojima is planning.

As it stands, what this trailer is really selling is the Kojima brand. If you loved the Metal Gear games then you’re probably already on board with Death Stranding. Kojima is one of the true auteurs in the gaming industry, and his name carries a lot of weight, so his fans don’t really need to know what the “X” button does at this point. They don’t need to know if del Toro and Mikkelsen are main characters or what’s up with the creepy baby doll that features prominently in this trailer. (Kojima later tweeted that Reedus is playing the main character, so it’s probably safe to assume that Mikkelsen is playing the antagonist). It’s a Hideo Kojima game, and everything else is just icing.

Check out the Death Stranding trailer below. The game is set to arrive on PlayStation 4.

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