Ric Roman Waugh to Direct Oil Rig Disaster Film DEEPWATER HORIZON

     July 24, 2012


Summit Entertainment has tapped Ric Roman Waugh to direct a feature film based on the Gulf of Mexico oil rig disaster that occurred in April of 2010.  Per Deadline, the film is titled Deepwater Horizon and is based on The New York Times article Deepwater Horizon’s Final Hour by David Barstow, David Rohde and Stephanie Saul.  Scripted by Matthew Sand (Ninja Assassin), the film will focus on the oil rig workers that were on site during the explosion that killed 11 people and injured 16 others.  We’ll apparently see the minutes leading up to the explosion and the survivors’ attempt to stay alive.

Waugh has a long career as a stuntman on his resume, and previously directed 2008’s Felon.  He’s currently filming his follow-up feature, Snitch, with Dwayne Johnson and Susan Sarandon.  No word on how soon Summit is hoping to get Deepwater Horizon into production, but Waugh will presumably be busy for quite some time with Snitch.

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