9 Films That Sat on the Shelf for an Unusually Long Time

     September 11, 2018


Sometimes, the timeline leading up to a film’s release is simple: pre-production, production, post, and release. Other times, it’s not quite as straightforward. For some films, after post-production awaits a long period of idle time, where the completed film sits on an increasingly metaphorical shelf, unseen, until the powers that be can decide just what do with it.

Often, like in the case of Oliver Stone’s Snowden, release dates get pushed because the film isn’t quite ready to be shown. Other films, like in the case of Amityville: The Awakening, get stuck in a limbo of test screenings and studio anxiety as the release date is slowly needled back. For Get a Job, a comedy directed by Dylan Kidd and starring Anna Kendrick and Miles Teller that wrapped back in 2012, things have been a little more complicated. Though the surprisingly (depressingly?) still-relevant topical comedy about the difficulty of entering the workplace began production four years ago, the same year that Pitch Perfect launched Kendrick to bona fide stardom, the film never saw the light of day. The film boasts a surprising supporting cast including Bryan Cranston, Alison Brie and Jay Pharoah among others, but CBS and Lionsgate have remained tight-lipped on the reason for the film’s untimely delay. In fact, none of the stars seem to know what kept the film waiting either, with Anna Kendrick telling Marc Maron back in 2014 that she assumed the film would never be released.

With these kinds of delays in mind, I ran down nine other movies that were stuck in release purgatory for an unusually long time.

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