Eric Bana Talks DELIVER US FROM EVIL, the Origins of the Script, Exorcism Movies, Why He Can’t do a TV Series in America, and More

     July 12, 2014


Now in theaters, is Deliver Us From Evil, a supernatural crime thriller that writer/director Scott Derrickson describes, “Serpico meets The Exorcist.”  While this may seem like the most unlikely pairing since Abbot and Costello first encountered The Wolfman, it’s actually a pretty good assessment of the film’s tone and style.  The Jerry Bruckheimer production tells the very-loosely-based-on-fact story of Ralph Sarchie, (Eric Bana) a hardboiled Police Sargent from the Bronx who, – with the help of a knife-wielding partner (Joel McHale) and the guidance of a Priest (Edgar Ramirez) carrying a dark past of his own – slowly discovers that the perp in his latest murder investigation just might be Satan himself.  As the walls close in and the bodies pile up, Sarchie and his cohorts race against time to find the culprit and protect his own family (Oliver Munn).

Recently, Collider sat down with Eric Bana to discuss his role as Sarchie.  During the conversation, he talked about what made this script stand out from other exorcism-centric films, the origins of the script, finding himself in a literal lion’s den, why he can’t do a TV series in America, and more.  Hit the jump to watch the full interview, and be sure to check out our previous Deliver Us from Evil interviews with Derrickson, Bruckheimer, Munn, McHale, and Ramirez.

Eric Bana:

  • What made this film stand out from other exorcism movies?
  • Was the script ever written as a traditional biopic of Sarchie’s career?
  • The character of Sarchie begins as a doubting Thomas, do you struggle with faith?
  • How did you make the scene in the – literal – lion’s den.
  • What was it like when you got to the big dialogue scene with Edgar Ramirez in the script?
  • Are you working on any TV series? Any offers?
  • What is the scariest thing you’ve ever seen? Ever seen a demon spirit?
  • Thoughts on William Friedkin’s Exorcist quote.

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