Dennis Quaid talks about playing General Hawk in G.I. JOE

     February 8, 2008

Earlier today I attended the press junket for the new Sony thriller “Vantage Point.” With the huge cast of actors in the film, I managed to get a lot of great quotes about a ton of upcoming movies. Even though it’s a Friday night as I type this, I’m going to be working non-stop to pull the best quotes and get them online quickly. A little while ago I posted what Matthew Fox said about “Speed Racer” and “Lost,” and now… how about some “G.I. Joe” quotes from the man who will be playing General Hawk – Dennis Quaid.

The highlight of the interview is something that I got after the press conference was over; he told me that he signed on for three “G.I. Joe” movies. He also confirmed the obvious, that Paramount is aiming to make a franchise out of the Joe’s.

I also tried to find out if he had done any training for the part, but all I could get is that he’s been lifting some weights to try and look like the cartoon version of his character. It’s kind of a short bunch of quotes, but it’s better than none.

Finally, I tried my best to transcribe exactly what Dennis said during the interview. If you listen to the audio (click here to download) you’ll see at times he slows down or repeats himself, especially after I asked him what the movie is about. It’s at the 20 minute mark. What I’m trying to make sure you understand is that when he talks about Spectre, he’s talking about James Bond and not Cobra.

Anyway, here’s what he said. Look for more quotes this weekend.

Collider: You’re going to be playing General Hawk in G.I. Joe, can you talk about how you came to that project and what’s that going to be all about?

Dennis Quaid: They offered it to me about a month ago and I think it’ll be a lot of fun to do.

Q: Why?

Dennis: Cause it’s G.I. Joe. We grew up with G.I. Joe and it’s kind of a cartoon thing…it’s a big popcorn type of tent pole action movie that…it’s not deep. The character of General Hawk that I’m playing is kind of a cross between Chuck Yeager and Sgt. Rock and maybe a naïve Hugh Hefner thrown in there. General Hawk’s aide to camp is a Victoria Secret supermodel so how serious can it be?

Collider: A lot of people are wondering how you’re going to do the bloodless action? Is it going to be rated R? There have been a lot of question from fans about how the material will be handled.

Dennis: I don’t know…how do they do Spider-Man without blood. It’s kind of the same deal.

Collider: So you said you’re starting next week, have you done any sort of rehearsals or have you had to train on any weapons? And could you tell us what the movie is about?

Dennis: It’s set a little bit in the future, and in a way the Joe’s are an international sort of special forces type of group that mainly fights these terrorists groups that spring up. It’s really more like James Bond than it would be about…yeah it’s more like James Bond. And with the group being Spectre – there is this evil mastermind who is behind it. I think it’s going to be more like the old James Bond’s – like the Dr. No’s – where the mastermind has his own private island and all these people are wearing matching coveralls.

Q: Are you going to have a flattop as General Hawk?

Dennis: No, I don’t think so. I’m Special Forces I can do anything I want. (laughter in the room). I’m actually thinking about going a little blond.

Collider: So you haven’t really done any training or anything for the role?

Dennis: I’m actually lifting, trying to look like the cartoon.

Collider: How long are you shooting for?

Dennis: I only have two weeks of work over five weeks for this one. But it’s hopefully going to be a franchise – three movies.

Collider: So you signed on for a three picture kind of thing.

Dennis: Yeah.

Collider: Thanks.

Dennis: You bet.

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