SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED Scribe Derek Connolly Writing Pixar Film for DAY AND NIGHT Director Teddy Newton

     November 29, 2012


It looks as if Safety Not Guaranteed screenwriter Derek Connolly is carving out quite the creative home over at Disney.  Connolly made waves with the indie dramedy Safety Not Guaranteed earlier this year, and just this week we learned that Connolly and Safety director Colin Trevorrow have been drafted by The Mouse House to rewrite the remake of Flight of the Navigator.  Now it turns out that Connolly has actually been working at Pixar for the better part of this year, penning a new feature film for the animated studio.  Hit the jump for more details.

derek-connolly-pixar-moviePer Variety, Connolly moved to Emeryville, California shortly after Sundance to develop an untitled feature at the studio.  He’s since been working on the film for director Teddy Newton, who helmed the fantastic Pixar short Day and Night and looks to be making his feature debut on this project.  Connolly spoke with Variety about Pixar’s atypical development process:

“It’s totally different, the way they do things up here. You’re here everyday. You don’t go away for three months and come up with a script. You’re involved with a director and it’s very collaborative.”

The report doesn’t provide any plot details on the film Connolly is writing or even what genre it falls under, though that’s to be expected.  Given that Pixar’s films take years and years to develop, it’ll likely be awhile before solid word on the project comes to the surface.  Nevertheless, Connolly and Newton certainly make an interesting pairing.

Watch Newton’s Day and Night short below.


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