New DERRICK Comedy Sketch, “Thomas Jefferson”

     May 25, 2010

To help promote the release of their film Mystery Team on DVD and other formats, DERRICK Comedy has released a new sketch entitled “Thomas Jefferson”.  I particularly liked it not because of the brilliant time-travel stuff or what really captures Jefferson’s interests, but because they really did nail Jefferson’s personality.  I presume the group read Joseph Ellis’ biography of George Washington, “His Excellency”.  Readers of the book know that Jefferson was a giant douche.  So this video is not only hilarious, but is also a historically accurate depiction of the found father.

Hit the jump to check out the sketch.  Mystery Team is available today on DVD, digital download, On Demand, and video game consoles.  You can also click here to read the interview I did with DERRICK members Donald Glover, DC Pierson, and Dominic Dierkes.

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