Steve Carell & Kristen Wiig on Speaking ‘Minionese’ for ‘Despicable Me 3’

     June 29, 2017

Everyday, no matter where, I see The Minions, their googly eyes stalking me around Los Angeles – in shops, behind buildings, in my apartment, heck, even on my computer. They’re such a phenomena – I wouldn’t be surprised if Merriam-Webster replaced the definition of ‘minion’ with their oval, yellow visage. This is ‘The Minions’ world. I just take up space.

The Minions are so culturally omnipresent, they even have their own language – a loose jumble of Korean, Spanish, Chinese, French and, well, just gibberish. Through three films and a spin-off, this simple joke – the ‘Bello-Bee Doo-Tatata Bala Tu’ of the Minion tongue – has slowly begun to morph into an honest-to-god real language of its own, known now as ‘Minionese’. In a couple years, there will probably even be a Minion Dictionary and children (*& adults*) will start calling one another ‘Bella’ and telling each other ‘Pola Nola Matoka’.


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The Minion takeover continues this week with the release of Despicable Me 3, which sees each ‘Despicable’ character venture off on their own. Gru (Steve Carell) reconnects with a long lost brother (also voiced by Carell); Lucy (Kristen Wiig) struggles for the acceptance of her adopted daughters; and The Minions decide they don’t need to play second fiddle to anybody, becoming their own boss.

At the film’s press day, Steve Carell & Kristen Wiig revealed if they can speak the ‘Minion’ language (a.k.a. the language of the future), and discussed how Despicable Me 3 changed from the initial recordings to release. For the full interview, watch above.

Steve Carell & Kristen Wiig:

  • Carrel and Wiig on if they understand/can speak the Minion’s language
  • On if they have a say in the direction of their characters
  • On how Despicable Me 3 changed from the initial recordings to release
  • Wiig on how the Despicable Me franchise compares to the How to Train Your Dragon franchise

Image via Universal Pictures

Here’s the official synopsis for Despicable Me 3:

The team who brought you Despicable Me and the biggest animated hits of 2013 and 2015, Despicable Me 2 and Minions, returns to continue the adventures of Gru, Lucy, their adorable daughters—Margo, Edith and Agnes—and the Minions. Despicable Me 3, directed by Pierre Coffin and Kyle Balda, co-directed by Eric Guillon, and written by Cinco Paul & Ken Daurio, will be released in theaters on June 30, 2017.


The animated film is produced by Illumination’s Chris Meledandri and Janet Healy, and executive produced by Chris Renaud.


Joining Steve Carell and Kristen Wiig in Despicable Me 3 is Emmy, Tony and Grammy Award winner Trey Parker, co-creator of Comedy Central’s global phenomenon South Park and the Broadway smash The Book of Mormon. Parker voices the role of villain Balthazar Bratt, a former child star who’s grown up to become obsessed with the character he played in the ‘80s, and proves to be Gru’s most formidable nemesis to date.

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