Details on Paul W.S. Anderson’s Upcoming 3D Adaptation of THE THREE MUSKETEERS

     November 13, 2009


Steve is currently on the set of director Paul W.S. Anderson’s next film as a reporter for our partner site Omelete, Resident Evil: Afterlife and after speaking with producer Jeremy Bolt, he learned some interesting details on Anderson’s plans for his 3D adaptation of Alexandre Dumas’ The Three Musketeers.  We’ll update this story with direct quotes later today, but in the meantime hit the jump to read the notes Steve scribbled down to learn the details of what Anderson has in store for Athos, Porthos, Aramis, and D’Artagnan.

Additionally, Bolt and Anderson are planning to do a 3D heist movie set on a submarine.  The pair would also like to do an adaptation of the popular video game Metal Gear Solid but no deal is set for that yet; it’s just a project they would like to do.

Here are the notes Steve took while doing an interview with Bolt:

three_musketeers_02.jpg– Paul W.S. Anderson doing The Three Musketeers with producer Jeremy Bolt.

– Contemporary feel.  Lots of action.  Big romance.  A new telling.  Based on book.  Very playful.  Set in 18th century.

– No domestic deal yet.  Constantin Films financing.  80 million budget.  September start.  Starting to cast now. [This one is important because it would be the most expensive film Constantin has ever made; US distribution shouldn’t a problem if the movie has broad appeal and/or a strong cast.  Either way, making it through Constantin means there will be no studio notes and more creative freedom for Anderson]

– Horse racing chases in 3D but due to cameras and editing, might shoot in 2D and convert those scenes.

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