‘Detroit: Become Human’ Writer and Director David Cage Reveals the Game’s Influences

     April 24, 2018

Quantic Dream and Writer/Director David Cage gave us BAFTA award-winning gameplay in the past with 2010’s Heavy Rain. On May 25th, their PS4 exclusive game Detroit: Become Human hits download queues around the world and promises again to take the player into another new and exciting world. In Collider Gaming’s debut video, Cage talks about the complexity of building a multi-branched story with real consequences, heavy subject matter, and three protagonists in the form of androids Kara, Markus, and Connor. Cage takes the viewer deep into the game’s influences, how he constructed the extensive world of the game, and reveals how he brought all the elements together to create the game.

Courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC and Quantic Dream

Courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC and Quantic Dream

Cage is a gamer at heart, and reminisces about the 80s classics from Sierra, Lucas Arts, and Cinemaware that influenced him as he approached the creation of this game. He highlights the game’s unique characteristics and what separates it from others in the same genre. Cage also opens up about how working on other games showed him what was missing in those games that he wanted to have in Detroit: Become Human.

As the writer of Detroit: Become Human, Cage shared in the excitement of collaborating with the game test players because the choices each player made filled out a narrative and ultimately effected the player’s experience. Choice is a common thread in Cage’s games and this newest installment is no exception. Cage also goes in depth about the characters, the multilayered story, the numerous twists and turns, the unique flowchart graphic and the underlying connective tissue that runs through the whole game.

It’s an insightful interview with Cage that highlights the attention to detail, immense effort and incredibly creative forces behind the making of Detroit: Become Human. Don’t forget to get your copy on May 25th and see for yourself if this game will once again be a BAFTA award winner for Cage and Quantic Dream.


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