‘Devil May Cry’ Series in the Works as Part of Adi Shankar’s “Bootleg Multiverse”

     November 16, 2018

devil-may-cry-series-adi-shankarAdi Shankar made good on his promise to deliver “the best fucking video game adaptation ever made to date” with Castlevania, now enjoying its bloody run of two seasons on Netflix. Now, Shankar is upping the ante by taking on not just another video game adaptation, but one from a completely different gaming company and one that will exist under his umbrella of properties in the newly minuted “Bootleg Multiverse.” Next up: Capcom’s Devil May Cry.

Shankar’s Bootleg Universe, a banner that showcases his imaginative and ballsy approaches to pop culture mash-ups and reimaginings of popular franchises, was just the first step. Now, the Bootleg Multiverse will be a place for his original offerings from the Universe to exist alongside adaptations like Castlevania and Devil May Cry. IGN reports that the new series will be an animated adaptation, but we also have independent confirmation that the Bootleg Multiverse itself isn’t restricted to just animation; expect all sorts of mediums, crossovers, and unexpected surprises to come in the future.


Image via Capcom

So how did Shankar land the Capcom franchise adaptation? He told IGN he “acquired these rights [himself] so the jabronis in Hollywood don’t f*** this one up too.” He’s the hero we need right now, especially if you want to see Dante and his pals (and his Devil Trigger abilities) brought to life in a satisfying way. He also took time to thank the fans for the overwhelming success of, and positive response to Castlevania, which will enjoy a third season on Netflix. “I wouldn’t have a job if it wasn’t for the fans.”

With four core games released so far, along with a more recent collection of the earlier games and a 2013 reboot of the hack-and-slash title, a new installment Devil May Cry 5 is due out from Capcom on March 8, 2019. While we don’t know the timing of the planned Devil May Cry series, it’s safe to say that with interest renewed for the game’s arrival next spring, it’s definitely time to hop on the hype train for DmC. Polish up those air-juggling combo skills and demon-hunting abilities; you’re gonna need ’em.


Image via Capcom