Diablo Cody to Attend SWEET VALLEY HIGH

     September 22, 2009


I maintain that “Jennifer’s Body” wasn’t the fault of screenwriter Diablo Cody but rather a mismatch between Cody and director Karyn Kusama where it seemed like one wanted to make an ode-to-“Heathers” and the other wanted to make a straight horror flick.  Sadly, because of the dominance of socially-retarded males on the Internet*, people dance on her failure and pretend like this is the end of the Oscar-winning screenwriter.

As if.  Cody’s adapting the long-running teenage-girl book series, “Sweet Valley High”.  Hit the jump to learn more about why this is a great match.

THR’s Heat Vision Blog reports that Cody and producer Mason Novick actively sought the rights, developed a take on the material, and shopped it around Hollywood which caused a bidding war that Universal is currently negotiating to win.  So that’s power.

Never would I have imagined that I could be interested in an adaptation of the “Sweet Valley High” books.  I’ve never read one, no one expected me to read one, and I would be ridiculed had I read one.  But for Cody, the book series about two teenage sisters informed Cody’s formative years.  Now put Cody’s voice into one female character who is “conniving and materialistic” and another who is ” more practical when [her sister’s] schemes went awry,” and you have a movie I want to see.  I want to see a “Sweet Valley High” movie.

My God, Cody.  What have you done?


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