Exclusive ‘Diablo Rojo PTY’ First Look Teases Crazy Creature Effects in Panama’s First Horror Movie

     May 13, 2020

Regular readers of Collider’s horror content might know that I’m something of a confessed creature feature junkie. Can’t say no to a good monster movie. So when I was offered the opportunity to debut the first-look footage for the upcoming horror film Diablo Rojo PTY, I may not have heard of it before, but I only had to take one look at the unique creature design before it was a hard yes.

Written and produced by J. Oskura Nájera and directed by Sol MorenoDiablo Rojo PTY has the unique distinction of being Panama’s first horror movie, which is headed exclusively to Amazon Prime Video this month via The Horror Collective. The film follows a bus driver, his helper, a priest and two policemen who fall victim to a mysterious spell, get lost in the Chiriqui jungle, and have to fend off the creatures therein with only the bus for refuge.

Diablo Rojo PTY stars Carlos Carrasco and Leo Wiznitzer. You can check it out on Amazon Prime Video when it launches on May 14 and get an exclusive first look at the whacky creature design in our exclusive footage debut below. Warning: the clip takes a minute to heat up, but I promise there’s payoff in the form of a freaky, fleshy gremlin dude.

Here’s the official synopsis for Diablo Rojo PTY:

“A “Diablo Rojo” bus driver, his helper, a priest, and two policemen fall victim to a mysterious spell and end up lost somewhere in the Chiriqui jungle, where they will have to survive the creatures that inhabit the roads, with the old bus as their only refuge.”

Jonathan Barkan, The Horror Collective’s VP, Acquisition and Distribution, Feature Films said in a statement: “Being a part of DIABLO ROJO PTY, Panama’s first horror film, is an incredible honor. This movie is a total throwback to the ‘80s horror films I grew up watching. It’s full of practical FX, has a great score, and is wicked amounts of fun! I can’t wait for North American audiences to see this one!”

“We are proud to support the emerging horror film community in Panama,” added Shaked Berenson, Entertainment Squad’s Founder and CEO. “We intend to continue making The Horror Collective a home for horror filmmakers from everywhere.”

Check it out for yourself when the film launches tomorrow (and check out the exclusive poster below) and if you’re looking for something scary you can watch right now, here are our picks for the best horror movies on Amazon Prime.

Diablo Rojo PTY Poster

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