DiCaprio Goes All In With ROUNDERS’ Koppelman and Levien

     June 15, 2009

leonardo_dicaprio.jpgAccording to THR, Leonardo DiCaprio is re-teaming with “Rounders” filmmakers Brian Koppelman and David Levien for an untitled flick which takes place in the world of Costa Rica-based online casinos.  No word yet on what character DiCaprio would play but I’m hoping it’s an animated avatar that encourages you to gamble more money.

DiCaprio, Koppelman, and Levien are currently teamed up on the adaptation of Josh Bazell’s “Beat the Reaper” but in all of this, you have to remember a very imporant fact: DiCaprio, because he also works as a producer, is attached to a lot but doesn’t turn out more films than the average actor.  You’ll get, at most, two films a year from him.  If you just pop over to his IMDb page, you’ll see that he has 21 films in development (although as you’ll see it’s a bit out of a date since it lists “Akira” as one of his projects and as Bloody-Disgusting reported yesterday, that project is dead).

I would love to see any team-up from these talents especially as “Rounders” is one of the all-time great guy movies and I look forward to seeing Koppelman and Levien get back to the world of gamblers.

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