DIE HARD 5 to Be Titled A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD; Plus More Details on the Upcoming Sequel

     October 12, 2011


Fox Filmed Entertainment Co-Chairman and CEO Tom Rothman went on Jim Rome this morning and since Rome is a big fan of the Die Hard franchise, Rothman answered some questions about the upcoming sequel.  Rothman told Rome [via /Film] that the official title is A Good Day to Die Hard, because I guess John McClane (Bruce Willis) is now a Klingon.  Shooting is set to begin in January 2012 for a February 14, 2013 release (President’s Day weekend, but it may also be a nice date flick).  The story will have McClane traveling to Russia to save his son John McClane, Jr., “but nothing is what it seems.” (Russia’s been dead the whole time!)  They’re still casting for John McClane Jr. and they’re not sure if the film will be PG-13 or R.

Hit the jump for more details on the sequel.

As we previously reported, bland director John Moore (Max Payne) was chosen by Willis to direct, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead says she doesn’t expect to return to play McClane’s daughter (one imperiled child at a time!).  Skip Woods (Hitman) wrote the screenplay, and Willis says the story will go “worldwide,” because the series needs to expand in scope.

I would disagree with that sentiment.  One of the defining traits of McClane is his resourcefulness. Give him the whole world and the claustrophobia and desperation of his plight is lost.  His other defining attributes are his wise-cracks, foul-mouth (which was lost in Live Free or Die Hard) and the beating he can take (hence the title).  All that seems to be left is the beating and the wise-cracks which turns him into a generic action hero with a well-known name.  Basically, there’s really no point to a Die Hard 5 but we’re getting one anyway.


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