DIGGING UP THE MARROW Trailer Featuring Alex Pardee-Inspired Monsters

     January 23, 2015


I’ve had my eye on Adam Green’s Digging up the Marrow ever since it played at Butt-Numb-A-Thon back in 2013 and now it’s finally coming out.  Green wrote, directed and also stars in the movie as himself.  He’s working on a documentary about William Dekker (Ray Wise), a guy who’s convinced that real monsters dwell in an underground metropolis called the Marrow.  Alex Pardee’s monster artwork inspired the film.  He’ll join Green for the five-city event, “Touring Through The Marrow.”

Each stop will include a special screening of the film, an exhibit featuring the artwork that inspired the film as well as some never-before-seen concept art and photos from production, a Q&A with Green and Pardee, merchandise for sale and the chance to see one of the “monsters” from the film “in person.”  Click here to find out how you can purchase tickets to “Touring Through The Marrow.”  Digging up the Marrow will also get a two-week theatrical run at the Laemmle North Hollywood Cinema in Los Angeles beginning February 20th.  The release plan also includes a VOD release that same day, a theatrical expansion on March 2nd and a DVD and Blu-ray debut on March 24th, so clearly there are more than enough opportunities to catch the film in the coming months.

Check out the Digging Up the Marrow trailer below via Film Festivals and Indie Films on YouTube.

Here’s the official synopsis for Digging up the Marrow:

What if the ghastly images and abominations haunting our collective nightmares actually exist? Writer/director Adam Green (Hatchet) sets out to make a documentary exploring this tantalizing premise after being contacted by a mysterious man named William Dekker (Ray Wise). Dekker claims he can prove that “monsters are real” and insists these grotesque creatures are forgotten, hideously deformed humanoids inhabiting a vast, underground metropolis of the damned. Determined to expose the truth, Green embarks on a bone-chilling odyssey and gets more than he bargains for when he dares to go Digging Up the Marrow.


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