Digital Release Dates: Upcoming New Movies On Demand

     May 3, 2020

Last Updated May 3, 2020

If you’re looking for a comprehensive list of digital release dates that shows when new releases will be available to download online, you’ve come to the right place. While the Blu-ray and DVD market continues to struggle a bit (although 4K is helping), more and more studios are hyping up the digital releases of their new films, giving viewers the opportunity to rent or own recent movies digitally without the physical packaging.

Not only is this option versatile—you can buy films on Apple TV, Xbox, PlayStation, etc.—but studios almost always release new films on digital weeks before they hit Blu-ray and DVD. So you get a chance to watch the latest blockbuster, superhero movie, or underrated indie from the comfort of your living room early, and you get to sift through all those bonus features before they’re readily available on the physical copy (although sadly, bonus features are becoming less and less comprehensive).

But since you can’t just pop on into Best Buy or Target and peruse the shelves for what’s currently available on Digital HD, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of all officially announced digital movie release dates. Below you’ll find a rundown of when new release films will be available to rent or buy digitally, along with links to our extensive coverage for many of them—click through to find reviews, interviews, editorials and more articles relating to these recent releases.

Take a look below at this complete list of digital release dates.

Note: As studios have delayed major theatrical releases due to the coronavirus, some films are being made available to rent VOD for a premium price. Unless otherwise noted, these dates are for Digital HD purchase releases. If it says “on VOD” next to a title, that means the film is available to rent at a premium price starting on that date.

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