Director Catherine Hardwicke to Wage DOT WAR

     March 3, 2010

catherine_hardwicke_image.jpgTwilight director Catherine Hardwicke is attached to helm Dot War, an action-adventure that’s described as a mix between Real Genius and War Games.  According to Pajiba, the film is about, “video-game programmer who is trained by the government to fight terrorist using virtual technology.”  We kind of do that now with drone bombers, so I assume this is more like fighting terrorism on the ground, but with a leveling system and cover behind chest-high walls.

Despite her split from the Twilight franchise over her desire to have more time to prep New Moon (I imagine the extra time would be so she could wrestle with the idea of using a color other than blue in the movie), Hardwicke’s kept busy.  She’s attached to direct a modern-day telling of Hamlet starring Emile Hirsch, and she’s in the process of casting The Girl with the Red Riding Hood, a gothic retelling of the Red Riding Hood fairy tale.

Pajiba notes that none of Hardwicke’s projects have a greenlight and her participation on Dot War will be based on whether or not she likes a rewrite of the script.

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