Director Craig Brewer Could Be Hustling and Flowing over to FOOTLOOSE

     October 30, 2009


Director Kenny Ortega has decided to keep his Sunday shoes on his feet.  The remake of 1984 dance musical “Footloose” is now looking for a new director as Ortega has decided to move on to other projects ever since he’s moved on from the “High School Musical” films with a one-two punch of this weekend’s “This Is It” and the possibility of directing the adaptation of the “meatier” Broadway hit, “In the Heights”.

So who will bring back Rock n’ Roll to the kids of a small town?  It could be the man who knew it was hard out there for a pimp.  Hit the jump to find out if “Hustle & Flow” director Craig Brewer may step in to keep “Footloose” dancing.

According to RiskyBusiness, Brewer is high on the list of replacements the studio is considering.  Ortega says that the reason he parted ways with Paramount over “Footloose” is that they wanted a darker tale while he a happier, more fun movie.  So it makes sense that Brewer, who also directed “Black Snake Moan” would be in consideration for “Footloose”.  Personally, I would be far more interested in “Footloose” if Brewer came on board to direct.  However, I’m not sure where this would leave Brewer’s other project, “Mother Trucker”, which is about a man who escapes from prison, hijacks an 18-wheeler, and races across the South to see his dying mother.  I think everyone is good with the “Footloose” that’s already out there so I think Brewer should stick with “Trucker”, especially because the story sounds like a lot of fun.


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