Director D.J. Caruso to Direct DEAD SPACE

     July 26, 2009

D.J. Caruso Dead Space movie.jpg

Hot on the heels of last week’s announcement that Sam Raimi will direct “Warcraft” (based on “World of Warcraft”), D.J. Caruso has signed on to direct the live-action adaptation of the video game “Dead Space”. According to Variety, Caruso, the producers, and EA have been meeting with screenwriters to try and figure out the story. Once they do, they’re going to auction the property to the studios. More after the jump:

What this all means is, the film is in the very early stages of coming together and we’re a long way from “Dead Space” hitting movie screens.

dead_space_ea_video_game_image__1_l.jpgSaying that, if you’re a gamer and have been wondering when Hollywood would take the video game genre seriously, it’s finally happened. With directors like Sam Raimi and D.J. Caruso signing on to direct video game adaptations, right now other video game properties are being looked at to see which ones might also work.

Cause if there is one thing Hollywood knows how to do…it’s copy one another. Once someone commits to making something, everyone else dives right in. The thing about this town is, no one wants to be first. Once someone else has taken a chance, everyone jumps right in.

So it goes without saying that I expect a “Grand Theft Auto” announcement any day now. If you aren’t familiar with the game “Dead Space”, click here.


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