Exclusive: Director F. Gary Grey Update on the THE ITALIAN JOB Sequel

     October 5, 2009


Since director F. Gary Grey’s “The Italian Job” first came out, rumors have been circulating that Paramount was developing a sequel. In fact, when I was on the set of “Observe and Report”, producer Donald De Line told us,we developed a script which was “The Brazilian Job” and they were all excited about the script at Paramount, and we actually budgeted it and everything and we were kind of ready to go, and then a lot of things were happening with various management changes and it got tabled”. Of course with a cast featuring Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron, Donald Sutherland, Jason Statham and Edward Norton, it’s no surprise that people would like to see another adventure.

Anyway, since that set visit, nothing has been reported on the movie and many have wondered if a sequel would ever happen. So when I got on the phone today to talk with director F. Gary Grey about his new movie “Law Abiding Citizen”, I got an update on the project. Hit the jump to read what he had to say:

The quick update is…there is nothing to report beyond the it might still happen. Grey said all the normal stuff every director or actor tells me when asked about a possible sequel which is if we get a great idea, it’s on. But as far as momentum on the project or anything more than “let’s hope so“, I’m sorry to say you’re going to be disappointed. Saying that, here’s exactly what he had to say. And look for the full interview next week.

italian_job_2003_set_photo_f_gary_gray_charlize_theron_01.jpgQuestion: Do you think there is ever going to be a sequel to “The Italian Job”?

F. Gary Grey: Let’s hope so.

That’s a nice diplomatic answer. Cause there have been rumors for years that there would be a sequel. So do you think too much time has passed or is it a project that you’re like I did it and I’m going to do something else.

Grey: You know I’d love it if they were to come up with a concept that tops the first movie. That’s the goal, to make sure that whatever the sequel is that it’s as inventive, as creative as the original….if not better. That’s where all the energy is being spent, making sure you don’t do a sequel for the sake of doing a sequel. You want to make sure you top it.

So just to clarify, there is not really anything shaking on the project right now…it’s sort of a big maybe.

Grey: There’s little things happening here and there, but nothing I can get specific about.

So the question is are you developing other things right now?

Grey: Yes, I am. It’s a combination of not only directing, but producing and also digital media and video games. Things like that. I had the time to recharge and think about what the next chapter is and directing will always be my first love and where I’ll primarily focus on but you’ll see a few things in different arenas really soon.

So you’re saying in a few weeks I’ll regret not asking you about something right now.

Grey: (laughing) no, no….not in a few weeks.


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