Director Kyle Newman talks STAR WARS, TOYS and FANBOYS – Exclusive Video

     February 6, 2009

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

As most of you know, opening tomorrow is director Kyle Newman’s “Star Wars” inspired movie “Fanboys”.

While I could’ve interviewed Kyle at the recent Los Angeles press junket for his movie, since Kyle and I are friends, I didn’t think one of those formal interviews was the best idea. Instead, I pitched Kyle on the idea of him and I having a conversation about “Star Wars”, “Fanboys”, toys, and showing off what makes him a geek like all of us. Thankfully, Kyle thought it was a great idea and just a few days ago I ventured over to his house (with Erico from Omelete) to film what you’re about to watch.

If you ever wanted to know what Kyle’s office looked like and what collectibles he keeps around, you’ll dig this. Also, we talked about everything from collecting toys to what will be on the “Fanboys” DVD. Since the interview is pretty long, you can see what we talked about above each part.

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Finally, a big thank you to Kyle for agreeing to do this interview!

Kyle Newman – Part 1

· What geek cred does he bring to the table – he shows off part of his Star Wars collection

· Did he open all his toys or keep it in the package

· We talk Power of the Force figures…

· Did he ever make diorama’s with his figures

· We go through his toys and collectibles

· Comic book talk

· When he goes to comic con what does he look for as a fan of Star Wars

Kyle Newman – Part 2

· Fanboys talk – what is it like for him to have the movie finally about to come out

· Kyle talks about all the false starts

· He talks about how he got the movie back and what went on behind the scenes

· What’s his take on George Lucas constantly adjusting the Star Wars movies

· Clone Wars cartoon

· Star Wars live action TV show talk

Kyle Newman – Part 3

· Fanboys DVD /Blu-ray talk

· What is he working on now

· Emo Boy comic book talk

· We talk about My Bloody Valentine 3D and Final Destination

· If he were ever asked to work on the Star Wars live action show…would he give up doing another movie to do it

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