Director Paul W.S. Anderson WonderCon Video Interview – Talks RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE and BUCK ROGERS

     April 4, 2010

Director Paul W.S. Anderson Wonder Con Video Interview - Talks RESIDENT EVIL AFTERLIFE and BUCK RODGERS.jpg

At this weekend’s WonderCon in San Francisco, I was able to speak with director Paul W.S. Anderson about Resident Evil: Afterlife and what’s up with his Buck Rogers movie.  As you may have already seen, the first trailer for Resident Evil: Afterlife hit the net yesterday, as the trailer premiered at WonderCon Friday night and this weekend was the first big promotional push for the upcoming Screen Gems movie.

If you didn’t know, Anderson used the cameras that James Cameron created for Avatar on Resident Evil: Afterlife, so it’s going to look very cool in 3D.  During the interview, he discussed why he wanted to film in 3D, how did he compose the images for 3D, he explains why doing 3D in post is not a good idea, and at the end of the interview we discussed what’s up with his Buck Rogers movie and how he wants to do it after his 3D Three Musketeers movie.  Watch the interview after the jump:

Paul W.S. Anderson

  • Why did he want to make Resident Evil: Afterlife in 3D – explains how he met with James Cameron awhile ago and it was clear that was the future
  • 2:15 – How did he compose in 3D when he was filming the action scenes and the movie – talk about how he loved Coraline and it used 3D extremely well
  • 3:35 – Buck Rogers talk – what most appeals to him about the franchise
  • Says the people who wrote the first Iron Man movie are writing Buck Rogers right now
  • Confirms Buck Rogers takes place on Earth 500 years in the future
  • Wants to do Buck Rogers after Three Musketeers


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