Director Peter Berg’s BATTLESHIP Sets Sail July 1, 2011

     September 14, 2009

Peter Berg Battleship movie.jpg

Universal has set a release date for “Battleship,” the latest in their multiyear deal with Hasbro to release brand-driven films. Peter Berg (“Hancock”) is set to direct, which may mean bad news for some of his other projects like “Hancock 2” and “Dune”. Get the status on them, and what more to expect from Universal’s board game kick, after the jump.

Battleship game Hasbro.jpgBerg has taken the project as a part of a two film deal with Universal, reports Variety. The second project is a drama about a team of Navy SEALS ambushed in Afghanistan titled “Lone Survivor,” which really ought to tie-in nicely with the Milton Bradley inspired adaptation, thematically speaking. But lest we forget, Berg also has “Dune” and “Hancock 2” on his plate. It sounds as though these two, among Berg’s other projects, will be taking back burner, which isn’t surprising considering “Battleship”‘s not-too-distant release date.

But “Battleship” won’t be the only toy inspired film to come out of Universal in the near future. We can also look forward to Steve Oedekerk’s “Stretch Armstrong,” Gore Verbinski’s “Clue,” Ridley Scott’s “Monopoly,” Kevin Lima’s “Candyland,” and Platinum Dunes’ “Ouija,” which ought to be excellent horror film material. Simply put, the fad didn’t end with “G.I. Joe.”

And if you’re looking to kill some time until 2011 rolls around, feel free to break out the Yahtzee and Boggle. I think those two are still safe from Hollywood…for now.

For more on what Hasbro is up to, here’s Steve’s interview with Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner.


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