Director Robert Luketic Exclusive Video Interview THE UGLY TRUTH – Plus He Talks About his Next Two Films

     July 21, 2009


Opening this Friday is director Robert Luketic’s new movie “The Ugly Truth” starring Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler. In the film, Katherine plays a romantically challenged morning show producer (Heigl) who gets teamed up with a hardcore TV personality (Butler) that’s always saying his thoughts on what men and women really want. And his speeches aren’t PG-13.

Anyway, after the jump you can see Robert talk about making the film and he also tells us about his two next projects – one is a hardcore action/comedy that also stars Katherine Heigl, and one is a secret project that has some part of it in Brazil. I’ll let him explain it to you:

And if you haven’t seen the clips for “The Ugly Truth”, click here.

Robert Luketic

  • I ask if he’s ever been to Brazil and he reveals he’s thinking about making a big action adventure movie that takes place in Brazil. Says it’s a big studio summer movie
  • What was it about Ugly Truth that made him want to make it
  • Was there anything Gerard Butler couldn’t say
  • What will be on the DVD/Blu-ray
  • Says 5 Killers is now called Killers
  • Talks about Killers and what it’s about. Says it’s a hard core action/comedy.

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