Director Sam Mendes talks AWAY WE GO, Director’s Cuts on DVD, Twitter, and a Lot More!

     June 21, 2009

Away We Go movie image director Sam Mendes.jpgLet me start by saying I’m sorry.

Director Sam Mendes “Away We Go” has been playing in limited release for a few weeks now and this interview should’ve gone online a lot sooner. But the last two weeks have seen me back and forth across the United States doing interviews and set visits and I only now had the time to edit and render the interview. I’m sorry for my tardiness.

Saying that, what you’re about to watch is one the most comprehensive interviews I’ve ever done with any director in Hollywood. That’s because I got almost 30 minutes with Mr. Mendes and we talked about everything.

If you’re a fan of his previous works like “Road to Perdition” or “Jarhead”, we talked about possible future director’s cuts on DVD. If you’re curious about his latest film “Away We Go”, we talked about how the project came together and the collaboration between the way he works, his writers and the actors. If you’re an actor looking for help when going in on an audition, Sam talks about what director’s look for. And of course we talked about his possibly next project, “Preacher”.

But the best part of the interview is how loose the exchange is between Sam and I. Since we had plenty of time to talk, there was no rushing between each question and his answers were long and informative. Trust me; it’s a great interview with a director I truly admire. So if you want to take a look, it’s all after the break including bullet points of what we talked about above each part:

Sam Mendes part 1

  • We talk about all the press he’s doing and what is it like
  • Casting talk – John and Maya
  • What a director does on the movie…Sam talks about some behind the scenes stories
  • We talk about the first few days of filming and the adjustments that are made
  • DVD/Blu-ray talk – says not much will be on the DVD. No deleted scenes

Sam Mendes part 2

  • Would he ever consider putting in deleted scenes back into a film on DVD – talks about the 3 versions of Road to Perdition
  • Talks about wanting to do a director’s cut of Jarhead
  • Sequel/prequel Road to Perdition talk
  • Preacher talk
  • Does he read graphic novels
  • How collaborative is he in the screenwriting process
  • Does he prepare any differently for smaller movies versus bigger movies
  • Would he ever consider doing a TV show

Sam Mendes part 3

  • 3-D talk and digital cameras vs. film
  • Casting talk – is it true that he knows almost immediately after meeting someone if they are right for the part
  • Twitter talk
  • Does he follow what people are saying online


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