10 Directors Who Are Still in Movie Jail for Some Reason

     November 7, 2016


You’ve likely heard the term “movie jail” before. It refers to a filmmaker or sometimes a producer who has been collectively ostracized from the movie industry. Usually they have either made a string of critically acclaimed films that never made their money back or, even worse, major bombs that have knocked studios to their knees. And the most frustrating thing about directors thrown into movie jail is that often they are much more talented than the hacks who are given one chance after another because of that one seminal blockbuster hit (we’re looking at you Rob Cohen and Jan de Bont).

Strangely, there are also talented filmmakers who despite their critical and even minor box office success seem to disappear for no apparent reason. And the fact many of them tend to be women or people of color is an issue Hollywood currently believes it’s refocused on rectifying (is it though?). Of course, a number of these directors have found creative havens in prestige television thanks to the Peak TV expansion (Jill Soloway, Rodrigo Garcia). That being said, here are ten creative filmmakers who we are mostly dumbstruck are not working more in the industry.

(Although there is one who simply may have outstayed his welcome. Can you guess who it is?)

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