Watch the ‘Directors on Directing’ Comic-Con Panel with Robert Rodriguez, Colin Trevorrow, and Joseph Kosinski

     July 23, 2020


If you’re a fan of directors Robert RodriguezColin Trevorrow, and Joseph Kosinski, or just want to hear some great behind-the-scenes stories about making movies in Hollywood, you’re in the right place. That’s because for this year’s Comic-Con@Home, we finally launched our “Directors on Directing” panel with Rodriguez, Trevorrow, and Kosinski!

robert rodriguez two scoopsFor the past few years, I’ve been trying to put on a “Directors on Directing” panel at San Diego Comic-Con. The idea was to get a few filmmakers that have directed some big projects to share some behind-the-scenes stories about what it’s like making a big Hollywood movie and how they each work on set. One of the challenges about making it happen in the past has been scheduling, since they’d need to make the trek to San Diego to participate. But with Comic-Con going online this year with Comic-Con@Home, I was finally able to make the panel happen because we recorded it in advance, with no one having to make a special trip.


Image via Universal Pictures

During the hour-long panel, Rodriguez, Trevorrow, and Kosinski talked about their upcoming projects like We Can Be HeroesJurassic World: Dominion, and Top Gun: Maverick, shared some fantastic stories about casting and pitching movie studios, talked about how new technology has shaped the way they have been able to make movies and what excites them about the future, shared their biggest pinch-me moment of their careers, and so much more it would be impossible to list it all here.

Check out the panel below and further down the page is a listing of what was talked about.

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joseph-kosinski-tron-3 sequel

Image via Walt Disney Studios

Robert Rodriguez, Colin Trevorrow, and Joseph Kosinski:

  • What would surprise people to learn about making a movie/directing?
  • What is it like to pitch the studio on your vision for the movie?
  • Do they get nervous the night before pitching the studio?
  • What is it like sitting down for the first time with the person they want to cast in their film?
  • What is it like making a movie that has built in fans?
  • Robert Rodriguez on We Can Be Heroes, Colin Trevorrow on Jurassic World: Dominion, and Joseph Kosinski on Top Gun: Maverick.
  • How has technology shaped the way they have been able to make movies and what excites them about the future?
  • What’s a detail or decision they had to fight for that they’re most proud of?
  • What’s a project that almost made it into production but ultimately fell apart?
  • Trevorrow shares something from his version of Episode IX.
  • Trailers and how they have to balance getting the casual moviegoer into a theater while also trying to keep spoilers under wraps.
  • What’s been the biggest pinch-me moment of their careers?

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