Disney 2018: New High-Res Images for ‘Black Panther’, ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ and More!

     January 16, 2018


As is often the case of late, Disney’s slate of films for the 2018 calendar year is chock full of big names, highly anticipated titles, and mega franchise installments. To celebrate that fact, the studio has released a bunch of new images and their logos to help put these movies on your radar if they’re not already. Disney’s cinematic season stretches all the way from Black Panther, which opens in one month (!), to the Christmas holiday, in which fan-favorite nanny Mary Poppins makes her return.

Here’s a look at Disney’s upcoming slate of films this year, along with their release dates:

Check out the new(ish) logos, images, and synopses for a selection of 2018 Disney films below:

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