Disney Already Wants a Sequel to TRON LEGACY

     April 6, 2010


Tron Legacy is still nine months away from hitting theaters, but Disney has commissioned the film’s screenwriters Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz to gas up the light cycles and write a sequel.  According to Heat Vision Blog, Horowitz and Kitsis (who also write for Lost) are looking for a way to round Tron Legacy into a trilogy, although it’s unknown whether or not the new films will be directly tied to the upcoming film or if they’ll be spin-off stories.

Disney has yet to make any deals with Legacy director Joseph Kosinski or the members of the cast, but they all had options placed in their original deals.  Clearly, Disney thinks they have a big hit on their hands and they want to have a script ready to go if Legacy meets their box office expectations.  The studio needs a screenplay ready at the moment they flash the greenlight because of the lengthy post-production required to create the 3D Tron world.  This way if Legacy is a success, Disney could conceivably have the sequel in theaters by 2012 or 2013 as opposed to the studio wasting time waiting on a script.

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