Disney Cancels Production on Henry Selick’s Untitled Stop-Motion Movie

     August 14, 2012

henry selick

In 2010, Coraline writer/director Henry Selick signed a long-term deal to make stop-motion movies for Disney.  Soon after, they scheduled Selick’s first Disney movie for October 2013 acquired Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book for Selick to adapt.  Back up one second, though: Disney has decided to stop production on the untitled 2013 project.  Sources tell Variety, “From a creative and scheduling standpoint, the pic wasn’t where it needed to be to meet its planned release date and the studio decided not to continue production as a result.”  That is unfortunate, but thankfully Disney is expected to continue developing the Graveyard Book adaptation with Selick.  Selick is now able to shop the untitled project around to other studios.  There is no voice cast set, and no artwork was ever released publicly, so the transition to a new studio should be smooth if Selick can drum up interest elsewhere.

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