Disney Developing PROM Movie With Joe Nussbaum Directing

     February 18, 2010

Prom (2).jpg

With the success of High School Musical, it’s no surprise Disney is developing new projects starring teenagers.  The latest one is called Prom, and as you might have guessed, it’s a comedy about a group of teenagers getting ready for the big dance.  The project is going to be written by Katie Wech (The Dead Zone) and Joe Nussbaum (Sydney White, Sleepover) will direct.  According to Variety, Disney is looking at a number of ways to put the project together, including casting unknowns as the leads to keep costs down.  They are looking at the teen comedies of John Hughes and Cameron Crowe for tone.

While dropping those names is always the right thing to do in a press release, they were both geniuses at crafting honest and accurate portrayals of teenage life.  Many have tried and failed to imitate their High School movies. So good luck to Joe Nussbaum on this one.

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