Disney Drops Joseph Kosinski’s HORIZONS (aka OBLIVION); Project Currently Being Shopped to Other Studios

     March 29, 2011


Disney has decided to let go of the sci-fi project Horizons (also known as Oblivion), which had Joseph Kosinski (Tron: Legacy) attached to direct. The Mouse House is allowing the director to shop the project around to other studios. Heat Vision reports that Disney was uncomfortable with the reported $150 million price tag for the flick, but have such a good rapport with Kosinski that they’re letting him take the project around town.

The film has a script from William Monahan (The Departed), but it was recently reported that Karl Gajdusek (Dead Like Me) would be performing a re-write. It’s unknown if that re-write still stands, as the project is now looking for a new home. However, apparently Warner Bros., Fox and Mandate Pictures are all interested in the film, so it won’t be without a studio for long. Tom Cruise is also very interested in the project, so that shouldn’t hurt either. Based on an upcoming graphic novel from Radical Publishing, the re-worked story involves a soldier assigned to patrol a desolate planet who meets a mysterious traveler.

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