Disney Plus Finally Adds “Continue Watching” Feature

     November 26, 2019


The highly anticipated streaming service Disney Plus had a pretty robust launch a few weeks ago, but folks found one particular feature strikingly absent: “continue watching”. Indeed, if you started watching Frozen but decided it was time to go to bed and shut it off midway through, when you picked back up the next day, Disney+ wouldn’t automatically pick up where you left off. Instead, you had to fast-forward and find your place like a freaking caveman from ancient times.

So it comes as great tidings and abundant joy that we learned today that Disney+ has, at long last, added a “continue watching” feature. The new feature was first noticed by CNet, and you’ll now be able to see a row underneath the “Disney+ Originals” row that shows the movies and TV series you’ve been watching and left off. Finally, we can live like civilized humans again.


Image via Disney

In all seriousness, the lack of a “continue watching” feature was a pretty significant issue in contrast to other streaming services like Netflix, even if those of us who remember a time before DVR can also acknowledge the privilege of expecting a digital library that holds thousands of movies and TV shows to watch on demand to have an extra feature that makes things ever-so-slightly easier. The lack of a “continue watching” feature wasn’t an oversight, as the feature was purposefully removed by the Disney+ tech team so they could sort out some issues. It appears those issues have now been settled.

So happy viewing, folks! If you need help figuring out what to watch on Disney+, we more than have you covered with movie, TV show, Christmas movie, action movie, and even drama recommendations specifically curated by the Collider staff. Share some great films and TV shows with the family this holiday season.


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