Disney+ Counters ‘Cats’ Premiere with Very Good Dog-umentary, ‘Pick of the Litter’

     November 19, 2019

With all due respect to the billion-dollar Star Wars and Marvel franchises, this upcoming dog content is the only thing that matters on Disney+ now. The streaming service announced today a new docu-series titled Pick of the Litter, which will follow a few pups along the process of becoming a guide dog. The announcement came along with a trailer, a two-minute bit of brain bleach for the horrific fever dream that is today’s new Cats trailer. (I also can’t help but notice Pick of the Litter debuts the same days as Cats. I am here for this war. Luckily nothing else premieres that day and it will be the only thing we have to focus on.)

“It’s really hard to become a guide dog. It takes a very special, confident dog to be able to do this job,” a voiceover says in the trailer. We’re introduced to the six candidates taking on the task: Pacino, Tulane, Paco, Amara, Raffi, and Tartan. I already love them unconditionally and am fully prepared to die for each one.

Check out the trailer below. Pick of the Litter debuts on Disney+ on December 20. For more on what you can watch on the streaming service, here is our in-depth look at everything on its way plus curated lists of the best movies and TV shows available right now.