Disney+ Had an Estimated 3.2 Million Mobile Downloads at Launch

     November 13, 2019


Honestly, I’m amazed I was able to get Disney+ working at launch. I was able to download it on my LG TV, my Xbox, and my iPhone with relatively few hiccups and able to watch The Mandalorian and an episode of The Simpsons without any problems. That being said, I’m a doofus who got up at 6am EST to do this. If you tried getting Disney+ going at launch a little later in the day like a normal person, you may have run into some issues, and that’s because millions of people were trying to download the app.


Image via Disney

According to Variety, Disney+ mobile app was downloaded 3.2 million. The research firm Apptopia reports that “About 89% of the downloads were in the U.S., with 9% in Canada and 2% in the Netherlands (the initial three countries where Disney Plus is available).” And that’s just the mobile app. We don’t know about the other platforms where Disney+ was downloaded like Xboxes, PlayStations, etc.

I think it’s safe to say that Disney+ had a pretty successful launch. Yes, there were issues with people having trouble logging in, but honestly, that was to be expected. Disney did a great job of marketing their service, getting people excited for what was to come, and making sure the process was as direct as possible in terms of getting people subscribed.

The question now becomes whether Disney+ can hold on to those subscribers. Chances are they won’t have an issue as we move through the holiday season, families get together, and now there’s a streaming service with nothing but Disney content that can be agreed upon as people gather round favorite movies and TV series.

We won’t know the subscriber numbers for Disney+ until Disney’s quarterly earnings reports in February 2020, but it’s safe to assume that it will be at least more than 3.2 million. The good news is that Disney+ is worth it.


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