Disney+ Streams New ‘DuckTales’ Episodes Out of Order; Writer Frank Angones Corrects It

     November 13, 2019


No massive online service promising availability to millions of people around the world ever launches without a few hiccups. Video games, apps, and streaming services alike always have their share of rough starts no matter how many test cases have arrived before them. Disney+ is no exception. The streaming service’s launch had its bumps in the road but was largely successful despite some technical glitches along the way. That’s to be expected; there are many ghosts and gremlins in the machine that aren’t ferreted out until launch. But the issues with the service’s curated content are another matter entirely.

For example, in addition to 4K Dolby Vision upgrades, Disney+ is messing with Star Wars lore yet again; how many times will Han and Greedo have to square off, anyway? They’ve also opted to air classic content with problematic “Outdated Cultural Depictions”, an issue they skirt by simply slapping a warning label on said content. The latest content SNAFU to come of the release is a much more recent creation: The rebooted and absolutely excellent DuckTales. WOOoo! It’s great that streamers now have access to this new and continuing series, but what’s not great is the fact that the episodes are currently out of order. No worries, though, because show writer Frank Angones is here with the proper order. Hopefully it’ll be addressed before too long.

Here’s how Angone responded, along with the proper viewing list for those of you who want to watch the show in the order it was intended: