All the Pixar Movies Missing from Disney+, and When They’ll Be Available

     November 14, 2019

If you’ve been noodling around on Disney Plus recently, you’ve no doubt found yourself drawn to a number of different kinds of films. Indeed, Disney+’s robust library is chock full of animated classics, Star Wars movies, etc. etc.—and we even put together a list of the best movies on Disney+ right now to whittle things down. But you also may have noticed that not everything is on Disney Plus, especially when it comes to Pixar movies.

Disney purchased the independent animation studio Pixar in 2006, and at that point acquired their catalogue of all past and future films. This was a huge boost for both sides—Disney got one the creator of some of the most successful and critically acclaimed films of the time (this was fresh off the run of Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo, and The Incredibles) and Pixar got the security of knowing their films would be spread far and wide when released.


Image via Disney-Pixar

But before Disney decided to create its own streaming service with Disney+, the Mouse House first got into the streaming fever by striking a deal with Netflix as the streaming home for all of Disney’s new releases. Ever since Disney+ was officially announced, Disney has been working to extract its movies from Netflix, but a deal’s a deal and the fact remains that some movies will still be on Netflix for some time—including Pixar movies.

So since the Disney+ interface can be a little convoluted to navigate, and since the list of every movie and show on the streaming service is very long, we thought it might be helpful to know what Pixar movies are missing from Disney Plus.

The good news is that so far, there are only three that aren’t on there:

Coco – Available on Disney+ on November 29, 2019—currently on Netflix

Incredibles 2 – Available on Disney+ on July 30, 2020—currently on Netflix

Toy Story 4 – Disney+ release date currently unknown


Image via Disney/Pixar

Coco and Incredibles 2 are on Netflix as part of that existing deal, but Coco is leaving Netflix on November 29th and switching over to Disney+, so that one’s arriving imminently. Since Incredibles 2 is more recent, however, its Disney+ release date is a ways off.

Toy Story 4 is a different case altogether, however. The film will not be released on Netflix at any point, but likely won’t be on Disney+ for quite a few months either. That’s because Disney+ will be following a longer release window from when a movie hits theaters to when it’ll be available on the streaming service, so as not to render the DVD/Blu-ray release obsolete entirely.

Indeed, if prior release patterns hold, a Disney movie will be released on Digital HD to purchase or rent about 3 months after it hits theaters, with a Blu-ray/DVD release following a couple of weeks after that. A new Disney movie won’t be released on Disney+ to stream, however, until about eight months after its theatrical release. Meaning Toy Story 4 will probably hit Disney+ sometime around February 2020.

We’ll certainly update this article if/when additional Pixar titles leave Disney+ or new information arrives. In a couple of years, per that prior Netflix deal, a number of films released between 2016 and 2018 will be moving from Disney+ back to Netflix. That includes Marvel movies, Disney animated movies, live-action movies, and likely Star Wars.

But for now, everything’s pretty peachy. For a complete list of everything available on Disney+ right now, click here.


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