Watch an Exclusive ‘Prop Culture’ Clip Featuring Everyone’s Fave Muppet, Kermit the Frog

     May 4, 2020


Are you curious about the new Disney+ original series Prop Culture, but don’t know what to expect? Look no further because a new clip from the show hosted by film historian and prop collector Dan Lanigan provides the perfect taste of what you will see over the course of eight episodes.

The fun and illuminating new clip from Prop Culture features Lanigan checking out two incredible props from the 1979 feature The Muppet Movie. The props in question? The actual Kermit puppet operated by Jim Henson as well as the headband worn by Henson which held the microphone he spoke into when he recited Kermit’s dialogue during his performance. Film buffs will no doubt share Lanigan’s delight and wonder listening to the history behind these two key props which helped bring The Muppets Movie to life.

kermit-the-muppetsThe Kermit-centric clip should give intrigued, potential Prop Culture a good idea of what they can expect to see over the course of the first season’s eight episodes. As revealed in the trailerProp Culture sees Lanigan revisiting and interacting with props from some of his favorite Disney movies, including Mary PoppinsTron, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black PearlWho Framed Roger Rabbit?, and of course The Muppet Movie. Along the way, Lanigan will be joined by actors who appeared in some of these movies (keep an eye out for a special appearance from Christopher Lloyd, y’all) as they interact with some of their old props and share memories from filming.

Check out the Prop Culture clip featuring the Kermit puppet from The Muppet Movie below. All episodes of Prop Culture are now available to stream on Disney+. For more, read our interview with Prop Culture host Dan Lanigan and be sure to check out what’s coming to Disney+ throughout May.