Disney+ ‘The Imagineering Story’ Docuseries Trailer Goes Inside the Theme Parks

     October 17, 2019


At one point in the trailer for The Imagineering Story, an upcoming Disney+ docuseries on the magical workers who innovated the magical Disney theme parks, current Disney CEO Bob Iger mimics the desired effect from a Disney consumer: “Wow. How did Disney do that?” Well, if he had listened to his company’s namesake Walt Disney just a few moments earlier in the trailer, he would’ve heard: “There’s really no secret about our approach. We keep moving forward. We’re always exploring and experimenting. We call it ‘imagineering.'” Uh, sure, Walt, sounds simple enough! Except — what the heck does “imagineering” mean? You’ll have to watch the full Imagineering Story series, available to stream on Disney+ starting November 12, to find out.


Image via Disney+

Disney’s theme parks, from Land to World to Euro, have captured the hearts and imaginations of disparate folks across the world from every demographic group. Eager Disney-heads buy annual passes, trade park secrets, and plan out the objectively perfect way to tackle the park. They all have pioneering Imagineers — the folks who painstakingly craft each perfect morsel of theme park entertainment — to thank.

And thankfully, these Imagineers get their day under the sun in this revelatory Disney docuseries. It’s downright wholesome to watch Disney workers test out their latest and greatest rides and attractions. It’s also, frankly, surprising to see The Imagineering Story spend time highlighting potential park assets that go wrong. Disney often gets knocked for sanitizing their image and erasing anything that doesn’t fit their magically squeaky clean purview. Showing stuff going awry is a quietly, entertainingly honest way to gain goodwill and accessibility. Also — you can watch a robot perform a wild trapeze flip perfectly, and it’s 50% thrilling, 50% terrifying. It’s a singularity world after all!

“There’s such a pride in being able to create a place that brings that much happiness to people,” says one worker. If you’re interested in the inner workings of Disney theme parks, and all the joy therein, check out The Imagineering Story, streaming on Disney+ November 12.

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