Watch Jimmy Fallon and Kristen Bell Sing a History of Disney Songs

     November 13, 2019


Hold onto something, ’cause I’m about to drop a white-hot take. It’s dripping with controversy, and I don’t care about the consequences. Ready? Here goes: Disney songs are good. Whoa! Are you shaking right now? #SorryNotSorry. To prove my incisive commentary correct — and mostly to promote Frozen II and her new Disney+ show Encore! — Kristen Bell appeared on Jimmy Fallon to sing a musical history of Disney songs alongside the host and accompanied by The Roots. The result? Pure, musical magic.


Image via NBCUniversal Television Distribution

Fallon sometimes gets a bad rap for stuffing his show with silly games and party tricks, rather than more traditional late night comedy. I would call the people who offer this criticism “joy grinches.” It is downright nice to hear two people good at singing be good at singing! Who doesn’t want to hear Fallon and Bell put on their best “yacht rock” voices and belt “Beauty and the Beast” at each other in perfect harmony? Who doesn’t want to be reminded of the power of Moana‘s “How Far I’ll Go”? Who doesn’t want not one, but two meta-Frozen moments? One where Fallon sings “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” at Bell, and one where Bell steals her co-star Idina Menzel‘s smash hit “Let it Go”? Joy grinches, that’s who.

Watch the full performance below to get your Disney magic on. Interested in Bell’s Encore!? Check out our review of the Disney+ unscripted series. Want some more late night shenanigans? Here’s Paul Rudd doing a classic bit for Conan O’Brien. Need more music in your life? Can I interest you in… Joe Pesci singing jazz standards?