Well, Looks Like NBA Players Will Probably See ‘Black Widow’ Before We Do

     June 17, 2020


Look, I don’t know much about sports. What I do know is it’s bananas that NBA players might get to see unreleased Disney movies like Black Widow before I do. And I’m not saying should get first dibs on watching Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh battle it out with Taskmaster. But what I am saying is: This. Is. Wild. News.

Back in May, the New York Times was among the many outlets reporting the NBA was figuring out how to finish their current season. The NBA soon worked out a deal to finish on a high note at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. As the NYT noted in their report, teams will play their final games of the season at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. This complex would form a “bubble,” so to speak, serving as the official site for games, practices, and housing. Now, with a few weeks having passed, new details have emerged about other perks and arrangements for the NBA teams coming to Orlando to finish out the season.

Yahoo! Sports writer Keith Smith shared a Twitter thread detailing a variety of perks for players and their families while citing confirmation from “Walt Disney World Sources [sic].” The most attention-grabbing detail to me was Smith mention of Disney offering players and their families access to unreleased movies while in this NBA “bubble.”

In one tweet, Smith writes, “Per Walt Disney World Sources: Disney will make movies available for players and their families (once they join). This is likely to include movies that have not been released to the general public, including Marvel’s Black Widow.”

There has been no confirmation on Disney’s end when it comes to Black Widow for sure being the movie (or among the movies) chosen to offer visiting NBA players. However, it’s not exactly impossible for the first MCU Phase 4 feature to be on the shortlist and mentioned to Smith through his sources. Black Widow is still scheduled for release later in 2020. With NBA players set to arrive in July to begin practicing, this could be a feature Disney is willing to show since it’s close to that nationwide opening date.

Black Widow is scheduled to hit theaters November 6, 2020. Get even more MCU updates here.


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