Disney Hires Dave Green to Direct Untitled Wolf Adventure

     May 22, 2012

disney wolf movie

Dave Green just made a deal with Disney for his feature directorial debut.  The studio declined to release a logline, but Variety describes it as a “wolf adventure.”  Do you need to know any more?  They ought to title it Wolf Adventure and call it a day.  Andrew Panay (When in Rome) will produce; the plan is to start production this fall.  Given the fresh director and the original property status, Variety speculates this will be a low-budget affair, perhaps in response to the money Disney poured into developing their Snow White remake before halting production earlier this evening.

Green comes from the world of commercials and music videos.  He made a minor splash in industry circles with his comedic shorts Pinkberry: The Movie and WME Staff Meeting, which stylishly mock Hollywood agencies.  Both are embedded after the jump.

Pinkberry: The Movie

WME Staff Meeting


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disneyland big bad wolf

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