Disney World Puts Stormtroopers to Work as Social Distancing Advocates

     May 31, 2020


Walt Disney World has apparently found a new use for Star Wars stormtroopers as they slowly re-open various theme park locations and encourage guests to follow new health and safety guidelines. Disney opted to shutter its theme parks here in the U.S. back in early March following international park closures. Now, just a few months later, the company is back in the headlines after announcing plans to re-open theme parks with plenty of health and safety measures in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (or any other illness) going forward.


Image via Lucasfilm/Disney

Earlier this week, footage from the recently re-opened Disney Springs location in Orlando and shared by Attractions Magazine (via Entertainment Weekly) revealed a pair of stormtroopers performing mini-skits focused on making sure visitors wear face masks — something stormtroopers have quite a lot of experience with — and practice social distancing, which encourages folks to stay at least six feet apart to prevent the spread of illness. The skits see two stormtroopers patrolling on a balcony overlooking a public stretch of Disney Springs. The pair are heard having conversations with one another which are then projected out to guests.

Some truly clever reminders have been cooked up for the stormtroopers to fire off to guests. One stormtrooper can heard telling their comrade, “Stay in your sector!” when they risk getting too close to one another. When the stormtroopers risk getting too close again, one tells the other, “Yeah, I’m going to need you to move one male bantha’s length away, please,” to which the other replies, “Roger that.”

The stormtroopers also know a thing or two about wearing face coverings, so there is additional dialogue which can be heard in the Attractions Magazine video wherein the characters point out the importance of guests wearing one. At another point in the video, one stormtrooper casually notes, “Some nice face coverings down there. Probably nicer than these helmets.” Classic.

Check out the video of the stormtroopers at Disney Springs below. And, if this stormtrooper talk has you in a Star Wars state of mind, get even more updates about the franchise here.

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