DISTURBIA Interviews

     March 31, 2007

If I had an extra twenty hours a week you’d get more transcriptions. But since I don’t, everything I do can’t end up on Collider. So rather than not posting the interviews at all I’ve taken an approach that I hope works out.

Starting today I’m going to post the interviews I do much quicker. And when I say much quicker, I mean that day. Or the day after. Sometime I like to drink so I offer no guarantees. But I’m serious when I say the turnaround is going to be fast.

Anyway. In a few moments I’m going to post the full transcript with Shia LaBeouf, including the audio. He talks all about Transformers, you’ll dig it.

But this article is going to be the audio interviews with everyone else from this morning. Sorry I don’t have time to transcribe them, but I hope you’ll like the audio.

Ivan Reitman

He talks about the sequel to Old School. He said that he has the newest version of the script in his briefcase and he’ll be reading it on the plane tomorrow. Obviously they’re going to try and get everyone back but nothing is set up yet. He also has some other projects coming up but since the contracts aren’t signed he couldn’t talk about them. Obviously we cover all the normal subjects like how was it to work with Shia and how the project got set up, etc…

Sarah Roemer and Aaron Yoo

Here is what you need to know about Sarah. She’s hot. And I don’t mean sort of. I mean holy frack. She wore a sun dress to the roundtable and I had a difficult time with it. Ridiculously long legs. She could’ve been telling me that my hair was on fire and I would’ve smiled.

But if I had to talk about this interview…I would say that Sarah talks about the behind the scenes of making the film and her upcoming work. Aaron talks about his Sundance experience as he was in a favorite of the festival – Rocket Science. He also talks a bit about being in 21 – the upcoming movie that takes place in Boston about the MIT students who got caught counting cards and cheating the casinos. A very lively and fun interview.

D.J. Caruso

The director of Disturbia talks about making the film and how having Steven Spielberg in his corner made getting certain things his way easier, like the casting of Shia. Apparently the studio people wanted a pretty boy and D.J. wanted Shia. After Shia came in and read, D.J. knew he wanted him and he sent the tape straight to Steven. Obviously you know what happened.

D.J. also talks about his experiences with The Salton Sea and everything that went wrong. And to all those who asked him to sign that DVD at the Alamo Drafthouse during SXSW when he screened Disturbia – he was blown away by it and wants to thank you all.

He also said that for the DVD he has about 3 minutes of stuff that he had to cut out to get a PG-13 rating. He’s not sure what the DVD will be – unrated or R…but the footage should be there. He also mentioned that the binoculars will play a big part on the DVD.

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