6 Movies That Really Messed Us Up as Kids

     October 18, 2018

neverending-story-atreyu-artax-sliceWe editors at Collider.com could have written about some of the scariest kids movies, or the saddest kids movies, but thanks to a casual Slack conversation that ended up plumbing the depths of our childhood horror, we decided to go for a more personal take: what movies really freaked us out? Because most of them weren’t intended to have that effect. Adults often forget that for little kids, something that appears seemingly innocuous can end up being terrifying. Or in other cases, you can watch The NeverEnding Story today and still cry over Artax (as I did just this past weekend). Fight the sadness!

Below, each of the editors have picked one movie that really messed us up as kids; basically, the movies or scenes we never forgot, even though we may have wanted to. These certainly aren’t the only ones (and most of us agree with each others’ picks as being similarly scary or affecting — Return to Oz will haunt me to my grave), so enjoy this trip down memory lane, and let us know some of your picks in the comments. — Allison Keene

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